PRESS RELEASE, October 2017

BioDrop MD Spray is an ophthalmic spray that relieves dry eye symptoms in a totally new way: its composition is unique and the emulsion is bottled in a special dispenser for preservative-free solutions. For people who find it difficult to administer regular eye drops, spray is a perfect way to treat dry eyes. BioDrop MD Spray is a clinically proven Class IIb CE certified Medical Device.

The excellent efficacy of BioDrop MD Spray is a result of active agents sea buckthorn oil and hyaluronan, both of which have clinically proven effects on treating dry eyes1,2. BioDrop MD Spray is applied on closed eye lids. Micro emulsion spreads from the eyelids to surface of the eye to strengthen the lipid layer of the tear film. This prevents excessive evaporation of tear fluid and reduces dry eye symptoms. As it spreads across the eyes, the spray moisturizes the skin surrounding the eyes, too.

Unique dispenser allows 360° use

The dispenser keeps the micro emulsion sterile without preservatives throughout its use. The new dispensing method together with long-term benefits of sea buckthorn oil set BioDrop MD Spray apart from ordinary eye moisturizers. The spray can be safely used with make-up and during contact lens wear.

Extremely positive results in a clinical trial

A clinical trial was carried out in 2016–2017 to test the efficacy and clinical safety on participants with at least moderate dry eye symptoms3. The results were presented at the SOE2017 congress. Read abstract of the study.

Clinical trial confirmed efficacy and safety
  • BioDrop MD Spray relieved dry eye symptoms more efficiently than the reference product.
  • BioDrop MD Spray offered fast-acting and continuing relief in dry eye symptoms.
  • OSDI index decreased significantly more with users of BioDrop MD Spray than with users of the reference product.
  • The number of symptomless days grew among users of BioDrop MD Spray.
  • BioDrop MD Spray moisturized the eye area skin and made contact lens wear more comfortable.
  • BioDrop MD Spray was well tolerated and it did not irritate corneal epithelium nor the eyelid skin.
  • BioDrop MD Spray is currently sold throughout Europe and several registrations are ongoing to enable wider distribution. For more information, contact


More information: Sales Director, Mr Markus Tenovuo: markus.tenovuo (at), Tel +358 44 7391560.

1 Larmo P. et al., Oral sea buckthorn oil attenuates tear film osmolarity and symptoms in individuals with dry eye. Journal of Nutrition 2010, 140/8):1462-8
2 Aragona P. et al., Long-term treatment with sodium hyaluronate-containing artificial tears reduces ocular surface damage in patients with dry eye. Br J Ophthalmol 2002;181-184.
3 Larmo P. et al., Effects of a Sea Buckthorn Oil Spray Emulsion on Dry Eye. Presented at SOE2017, Barcelona, Spain.

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