The Only Manufacturer of Ophthalmic Lenses in Finland Launches Anti-Fog Lenses
– One of a Kind Coating Process in the Nordic Countries

Eyeglasses fog easily especially in winter when going from cold outdoors to warm indoors. Furthermore, wearing face masks has made fogging a topical year-around challenge.

Finnsusp, the only manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses in Finland introduces new lens coating technology that solves the common problem of fogging lenses.

­“We can now offer a solution to fogging lenses with the help of anti-fog coating. The new technology is a lot more effective and comfortable option for the users than using anti-fog sprays that tend to create a film on the lens”, Sales and Development Director of Optics, Tomi Korhonen says.

OLOlinssit® by Piiloset lenses are manufactured in Finland.

OLOlinssit® by Piiloset product range offers options in every price group. Our goal is to offer high-quality, individualised lenses for every intended use and situation in life. Anti Fog lenses are suited extremely well for outdoor sports or work, where wearing fog-free lenses increases safety too.” Korhonen continues.

The easy-to-use, long-term lens coating does not degrade the optical quality or  other features of the lens. The coating breaks down large water molecules on the surface of the lens so that no distracting visible condensation is produced. This invisible liquid film then evaporates from the surface of the lens without interfering with the user’s vision. People who constantly move from outside to inside like forklift and delivery drivers can benefit from the anti-fog feature.

­“For our family business, this is a significant half a million euro investment in development of the Finnish lens manufacturing industry. Our new coating machine is one of a kind in the Nordic Countries”, Managing Director Riikka Järvinen says.

Finnsusp has been developing, testing and manufacturing ophthalmic lenses, eye care products and contact lens care products for over four decades. Finnsusp’s products are sold in over 40 countries around the world.

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Tomi Korhonen, Sales and Development Director, Optics,, tel. +358 44 705 3003,

Riikka Järvinen, Managing Director,, tel. +358 50 558 5375


Oy Finnsusp Ab is a fast growing global company that develops and manufactures unique contact lens care products, products for dry eyes and individualised ophthalmic lenses. Piiloset®, PuroSilmille® and OLOlinssit® branded products are manufactured in our own factories in Lieto, Finland. We also provide laboratory services and contract manufacturing service. 

Finnsusp products are exported to over 40 countries in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, and North-Africa. More than 90% of our dry eye products and contact lens care solutions are exported.

Today, there are 50 Medical Device professionals in the company and we are constantly recruiting new talents

to join us on our growth journey. Environmental and social responsibility, high quality and employee wellness are core values to us. Finnsusp is ISO13485 and GMP certified.

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