RELEASE October 2019

Finnsusp Oy has set challenging goals: to be a globally successful eye care company by the year of 2025 and, to be the most desirable strategic partner for welfare of vision and manufacturing of Medical Device products. For the first time in its 40-year history, Finnsusp Oy has appointed professional board members to support the growth.

– We are very happy to have found experienced business professionals who share our company’s values. They are committed to joining forces with us to build the Finnsusp success story, tells Managing Director Ms Riikka Järvinen.

Mr Kari Toivonen brings a wealth of experience from his career in pharmaceutical and biotech businesses. He has hold various leadership positions in Finland and abroad within, for instance, corporate management, production and R&D.

Mr Ilari Antila is a specialist in international business and business management in health technology and healthcare businesses. His expertise and wide network will make a significant contribution to the international growth of Finnsusp Oy.

Mr Leevi Parsama is an e-commerce professional and marketing, sales and customer relationship management expert. He is an inspiring sparring partner with extensive experience in various sales and marketing roles that will support Finnsusp in reaching its goals both on the domestic and international markets.

Mr Olavi Nieminen will continue as Director of the Board. Together with his wife, he is the co-founder and former Managing Director of Finnsusp Oy. He has held various positions in the Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare, in the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and in start-up companies, among others.

The fifth member of the board is Ms Riikka Järvinen. Daughter to Mr Nieminen, Järvinen is Managing Director of Finnsusp Oy and partner with strong experience in research and product development. The new dry eye product family has been developed under her leadership.

Finnsusp Oy welcomes all new members of the board to join Finnsusp Oy on its exciting journey to the challenging goal.

For more information, please contact Ms Riikka Järvinen, PhD, Managing Director,,