Versatile laboratory services

We offer laboratory services for manufacturers of Medical Devices, care products for pets, cosmetics and cleaning products as well as for product development needs. Our services include versatile microbiological research services, various chemical and physical measurement methods as well as specialist services. For shelf-life and stability studies there are several storage temperatures and UV treatments (natural light,  UV A and UV B) available. We act as an OEM and OBL manufacturer.

Our quality management system complies with the most stringent requirements in the industry. Our operations are certified according to the international ISO 13485 standard. We also fulfill requirements of Health Canada and Brazilian GMP for Medical Devices inspected by ANVISA. We comply with ISO/IEC 17025 standard and GLP practices in general.

Microbiological test methods

Our validated microbiological test methods include, for instance, microbiological  challenge, disinfection efficacy, shelf-lie and stability tests. Stability tests include shelf-life opened simulation and  accelerated tests (e.g. ISO 11930, Ph. Eur., ISO 14729, ISO 14730, ISO 13212), sterility tests and bioburden analyses (Ph.Eur.2.6.1), microbiological analyses of non-sterile products (TAMC, TYMC, Ph. Eur. 2.6.12) and identification of microbes using for example selective cultivation (Ph.Eur. 2.6.13). We also offer compatibility tests of Medical Devices/cosmetic products and contact lens materials.

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