Finnsusp’s R & D department has studied in more detail the efficacy of BioDrop MD® Plus eye drop’s active ingredients combination, 2% trehalose and 0.25% hyaluronan. The extremely positive outcome of the study is that the combination relieves even severe dry eye symptoms. Our Notified Body has now approved all the paper work and we have the right to market BioDrop MD Plus for relief of moderate and severe dry eye symptoms. The product hydrates, lubricates and stabilizes the tear film thus protecting the eye from drying and cell damage.

Chemical properties of hyaluronan are critical

The efficacy of BioDrop MD® Plus is a result of the combined effect of trehalose and hyaluronan. In order to maximize the product’s efficacy, i.e. to provide maximal protection of the surface of the eye and to ensure high muco-adhesive properties, concentration and chemical features of hyaluronan play a very important role.

The high molecular weight of hyaluronan in BioDrop MD® Plus together with its high concentration of 0.25% are overpowering features compared to many, similar type of moisturizing products on the market. The special dispenser of BioDrop MD® Plus is calibrated to suit the product’s ideal composition, furthermore, it enables the preservative-free formulation.

The preservative-free BioDrop range a solution to almost all dry eye problems:

  • * BioDrop MD® (0.2% hyaluronan) for everyone with dry eyes, especially good for contact lens users
  • * BioDrop MD® Plus (2% trehalose, 0.25% hyaluronan) intensive moisturizer for moderate and severe dry eye symptoms
  • * BioDrop MD® Spray (sea buckthorn oil and hyaluronan) for dry eyes, eyelids and eye contour area. Quick and effective relief to even severe dry eye symptoms in an easy-to-use spray dispenser.