PRESS RELEASE August 24, 2018

Oy Finnsusp Ab, a full service provider for the optical business celebrates its 40th anniversary. During the past four decades, Finnsusp has grown into an export-oriented company whose contact lens care solutions, dry eye products and spectacle lenses are exported to about 40 countries around the world. Investments in research & development bear fruit; the company has conquered new markets in the Middle East, for instance.

Dry eye products lead to new market areas

Dry eye syndrome is an increasing discomfort that our way of living and working exposes us to.
Roughly seven years ago, Finnsusp made the decision to accept the challenge and start investing in developing and manufacturing dry eye products. Dry eye products are classified as Medical Devices whose development, manufacturing and sales is strictly controlled by international directives, laws and standards. –Developing new products requires a lot of resources. It is a big challenge to do all the needed research work and fulfill the international standards and ever-tightening legislative requirements, says Riikka Järvinen, PhD, Vice President. –However, for a Finnish company, developing innovative products is the only way to cope on the highly competitive international market, Järvinen continues.

Preservative-free dry eye drops and eye spray with innovative substances and combinations, such as sea buckthorn oil (Hippophaë rhamnoides) and hyaluronic acid have been well received by the customers. With them, Finnsusp has gained a foothold on the competitive and quality-conscious Middle Eastern marketplace. Sales in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia has already started, furthermore, registrations in several other countries are on-going.

Growing demand enables investments

Finnsusp carried out investments in 2018 that optimize production of dry eye products. Automated bottling and packing lines increase and enhance production capacity remarkably. Capable and committed personnel is of course in key role. –These investments make it possible to meet the growing demand effectively, explains Järvinen.

Confident about the future

During 2019, Finnsusp will bring several eye care products on the market. Based on feedback from the customers, Finnsusp believes the novelties will get a good reception. Development and manufacturing of care solutions and spectacle lenses will continue as before. Focus on spectacle lenses is in expanding the range of special lenses and providing good eye health to those wearing glasses.

For additional information, please contact
Mrs. Riikka Järvinen, PhD, Vice President, tel. +358 50 5585375
Mr. Markus Tenovuo, MSc (Tech) Sales Director,, tel. +358 44 7391560.


Oy Finnsusp Ab, founded in 1978, is a Finnish privately owned family business that develops and manufactures Medical Devices. The product portfolio comprises FreeForm spectacle lenses, care solutions for contact lenses and eye care products – for pets. The products are exported to almost 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East, South America and North Africa. Developed and manufactured in own factories in Finland, the products are marketed either with original brand “Piiloset” or as customers’ own private label products. Finnsusp also provides laboratory services and contract manufacturing services, especially for the Medical Device industry.