RELEASE February 2020

Puro™ is a novel range of products that Finnsusp Oy launched at the end of 2019. Consisting of three eye drops and two eye sprays, PURO™ products are developed based on the latest research data on the causes and treatment of dry eye disease. The development work focused on carefully thought-out, preservative-free compositions and clinical trials on Finnish patients.

According to the current understanding, dry eye disease is triggered by one of many causative factors. The disease mechanism itself repeats the same pattern and dry eye symptoms may turn into a continual “vicious circle”. The Puro™ products were developed to break the dry eye circle and to relieve dry eye symptoms and signs.

Carefully thought-out ingredients

The clinically tested, effective and gentle Puro™ products make use of natural ingredients and results of the latest scientific research. Innovativeness, high quality, eye friendliness and avoiding preservatives are the guide lines for R&D at Finnsusp Oy. Finnsusp Oy collaborates, for instance, with universities, university hospitals and ophthalmologists.

Puro™ products treat all symptoms of dry eye, from mild and seasonal to even severe symptoms. The preservative-free products suit for prolonged use, for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Puro™ Total is a Finnish innovation. It is a microemulsion eye drop that in regular use prevents dry eye symptoms and alleviates existing symptoms and signs. The product does not have to be shaken nor does it blur vision. Thanks to the novel DEMET® production technology, also developed by us, the emulsion is optically clear, tells Ms. Riikka Järvinen, Managing Director, PhD.

Sustainable manufacturing

Finnsusp Oy markets its products under trade names Puro™ and Piiloset®. The products are manufactured in a resource-efficient and eco-friendly way using solar power. Finnsusp’s production facilities are located in Lieto, Finland. Finnsusp’s products are certified as Medical Devices, thus, product development, manufacturing and sales is strictly controlled by international directives, laws and standards.

Puro™ products are available at pharmacies in Finland.

Puro means a stream. Streams of fresh water are important for conserving biodiversity of the Finnish nature. Streams are home to rare species of fish and an invertebrate.


For more information, please contact

Mr Markus Tenovuo, Sales Director, Tel. +358 44 739 1560,

Ms Riikka Järvinen, Managing Director, Tel. +358 50 558 5375,