Registry policy


Oy Finnsusp Ab (marketing brand name Piiloset)
Address: Pääskykalliontie 5, 21420 Lieto, Finland
Tel: +358 2 489 110
Contact person: Heidi Hirviniemi, tel +358 50 372 3787,

Name of the register

Customer register of Oy Finnsusp Ab (Piiloset).


The primary grounds for processing personal data is manufacturing and marketing products as well as arranging campaigns, competitions and research activities. Grounds for processing personal data may be an order from an optical store or any other connection when data is needed for identifying, delivering or invoicing  a product that is manufactured for a customer. Data may also be used for informing customers, reminding them of registrar’s services, direct mailing purposes and managing customer relationships, if the customer has given their consent thereof. Data may be used for recruiting purposes, if that is the person’s distinct wish. Register may include data of the Approved Suppliers and Service Providers (later “suppliers”) needed for business purposes.

Register’s data content

Contents of the register may vary from customer to customer. The stored information may contain:
First name and family name
E-mail address
Telephone numbers
Company / organization
Contact history (telephone, email, social media)
Marketing history (what campaigns have been sent)
Additional data given by the customer (hobbies, wearing of spectacle lenses/contact lenses etc)
Any ban on the use or use of data for direct marketing by any user of the service.
For recruitment purposes data given in CV / job application: education and profession, work experience, personal data etc.
Prohibition by the client on the use of data for direct marketing purposes or prohibition on transfer of data.


Data is given by the customer or their legal representative.
Data may be collected by competitions and marketing campaigns. Customer’s consent for receiving digital direct mail is asked for separately in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation.
Business clients’ personal data may be collected from their orders (information given as references)
Job applications sent to Finnsusp (education and work experience). Data may be completed on applicant’s approval.
List of Approved Suppliers  may contain contact persons personal data, such as first name and family name, telephone number, email address. In case contact persons change, data on list of Approved Suppliers will be modified accordingly.


Customer data may by processed by Finnsusp or its partners, including software suppliers, as described in this document. Data may be transferred to third parties only by permission of the client or their legal representative. Servers and other technical equipment needed to data processing may be owned or controlled by a service provider used by the register’s owner. Data will not be transferred outside the EU or EEA area.

Protection of the data file

Clients’, suppliers’ and job applicants’ data may be handled by representatives of Oy Finnsusp Ab, or business partners on its behalf, including, in some cases, software companies that are committed to comply instructions and policies related to use of the Registry. Rights to process the data are granted to the extent required by the duties. All data is confidential and those processing it are bound by the obligation of confidentiality. Customer register is located in the Finnsusp  information system that requires logging-in by personal passwords. The system is protected from outside attacks by firewall. In case of disturbances, data is backed up regularly. Information is disclosed to third parties only on the basis of a statutory duty to notify, as requested by the customer at his own request or on the authority’s law. Information about Suppliers is disclosed to accounting company for payment transactions.

Inspection right

Customers and job applicants have the right to inspect data concerning him/her. Such an inspection request must be made in writing (personally undersigned request) that is sent to: Finnsusp Oy, Laatupäällikkö, Pääskykalliontie 5, 21420 Lieto, Finland. At the same time, the registry controller informs the data subject of the regular sources of information, purpose of processing the data and to whom data is disclosed or transferred to. It is possible to leave the register without sanctions.

Right to prohibit

Customer may give Oy Finnsusp Ab their consent for direct mailing and cancel it by informing contact person of the register about this in writing. Data about job applicants is not disclosed for direct mailing/marketing or research purposes, arranging marketing campaign or competitions.