Finnsusp Oy, a family company, is well-versed in the well-being of eyes. Founded in 1978, the company has been developing, testing and manufacturing Medical Devices; eye care products, lens care solutions and spectacle lenses, for more than four decades. The products comply with ISO 13485:2016, MD SAP and Brazilian GMP requirements set for product development, production and marketing.

The clinically tested, efficient and gentle eye drops and eye sprays utilize natural ingredients and the latest scientific research results. Finnsusp’s product development is guided by innovation, high quality, avoidance of preservatives and eye-friendliness. The company carries out research and product development in collaboration with universities, university hospitals and ophthalmologists, among others. It is also partnered with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. In fact, the first eye wellness products to be granted the right to use the Allergy Label were products developed by Finnsusp.


All production processes are as resource-efficient and environment friendly as possible. Contact lens care solution bottles that are rejected in the production process will be ground into raw material for other industries. Care solution bottles as well as eye care dispensers can be disposed of as plastic packing waste. All carton boxes and leaflets are recyclable.

Packing materials of eye care products and contact lens care solutions are digital printed. Digital printing reduces and prevents paper waste, furthermore, it uses fewer toxic chemicals than traditional printing methods.

Water that is used in the Lens Lab is run in a closed loop and plastic residue from processing the plastic blanks is thoroughly filtered.

Finnsusp prefers suppliers within short distance to its premises in order to minimize emissions from transport.


In 2019, solar panels were installed on the roofs of Finnsusp’s factories. They generate clean energy for the needs of the Lens Lab and Chemistry factory. Now, more than half of our products are manufactured using CO2-free solar energy. Solar panels prove their relevance in the summer, when we enjoy the nightless nights in Finland. Finnsusp does not use heavy fuel oil at all.

For more than a decade, Finnsusp’s premises have been heated with wood pellets. Made of Finnish wood in Finland, wood pellets are generally made from compacted sawdust and related industrial wastes from the milling of lumber, manufacture of wooden products and construction. Pellet heating is an ecologically sustainable heating technology.


Finnish origin is an important value for Finnsusp, and it guides all of the company’s operations. Finnsusp always seeks to maintain as high a degree of domestic content in the manufacturing of the products as possible, from the raw materials to the manufacturing equipment and cooperation partners. We favor long-term partnerships and follow fair practices with all of our partners. The products marketed under the Piiloset®, I Care® and Puro™ brands are manufactured at Finnsusp’s own factories in Lieto, South-West of Finland.


Finnsusp Oy complies with Finnish laws and regulations. Respect for human rights is part of our basis of values. We are committed to obeying international laws such as the Universal United Nations Declaration of Human Rights that aims to promote and protect human rights. We strive to secure basic rights of every employee of the company and that of our stakeholders without any limitation to age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic and cultural background, religious and political connections.

We respect human rights of our partners and expect them to obey human rights standards in their business with Finnsusp Oy or in our name. We expect our suppliers to obey human rights in their business. We are committed to securing a safe, fair and a non-discriminatory working environment to all our employees. We will under no circumstances accept forced labor, debt bondage or other forms of modern slavery.

Working conditions of the employees of Finnsusp Oy comply with Finnish laws and regulations. All employees are within wide occupational health services, and, to support their well-being, for instance medical cover and other benefits are offered.

Finnsusp Oy is a socially responsible company that conducts active co-operation with institutions providing internships and place to write thesis for young people and students. Finnsusp Oy takes actively part in social discussion in the Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare (NÄE ry) and Suomen Yrittäjät ry, an interest and service organization for small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland.