ARTICLE August 2020

We are pleased to announce that a review  Trehalose for Ocular Surface Health has been published in a peer-reviewed journal Biomolecules (May 2020). The authors are Mr. Jarmo Laihia (Manager, Clinical & Formulation Development, Finnsusp) and professor Mr. Kai Kaarniranta (Department of Ophthalmology, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Eastern Finland and Department of Ophthalmology, Kuopio University Hospital, Finland).

An increasing body of evidence demonstrates exceptional bioprotective characteristics of trehalose. The review discusses the scientific findings on potential functions of trehalose in oxidative stress, protein clearance, and inflammation. The main objective is to help understand the beneficial effects of trehalose in clinical trials and practice, especially in patients suffering from ocular surface disease. The discussion is supplemented with an overview of patents for the use of trehalose in dry eye and with prospects for the 2020’s.

It is presumably the first time that a review about the optimal concentration of trehalose in an eye drop for treating ocular surface disease is published. Chapter 5.4, Do we know the optimum concentration?, discusses this interesting question.

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Etiologic factors of dry eye affected by trehalose as demonstrated in clinical data. Redrawn from ref [61], Figure S1, with permission from the authors.



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