RELEASE June 2015

Finnsusp Ltd was invited to publish a scientific poster at the BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition also this year.

This year’s poster is entitled “A randomized clinical crossover study of three contact lens care systems combined with two silicone hydrogel lens types over four weeks”. The poster is a result of a large clinical study performed in 2013–2014 in co-operation with eye care specialists of Turku University Hospital (Turku, Finland), Raision Näkökulma Ltd (Raisio, Finland) and University of Turku (Turku, Finland).

The study was conducted to investigate performance, safety and subjective preference of BioTwin® care solution in combination with 2 silicone hydrogel contact lens types (Biofinity® (comfilcon A) by CooperVision and Air Optix® Aqua (lotrafilcon B) by Alcon/Novartis). The multi-purpose solution comparators were OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® by Alcon/Novartis and Biotrue™ by Bausch & Lomb.


  • * All MPSs showed similar overall clinical performance. The most notable finding was reported for subjective sensations. Especially lotrafilcon B CL users valued BioTwin® as the best of the three in terms of subjective pleasantness and comfort both during the first minutes and in end of the day.
  • * With regard to corneal staining, BioTwin® showed highly significantly better results than Biotrue™ with comfilcon A CLs, equalling the outcome with OPTI-FREE® PureMoist®.
  • * BioTwin® was developed for and is compatible with the most common silicone hydrogel materials. Based on this study, BioTwin® can be recommended especially for Air Optix® Aqua but also for Biofinity® CL users.

For more information regarding method and results, please contact Riikka Järvinen, Ph.D., Director Chemistry Division:

Held in Liverpool, UK, May 29 – June 1, 2015, BCLA is one of the most important contact lens conferences in the world.